Transforming Business Operations with Advanced AI In the Era of AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of transforming operations in today’s fast-paced business world, delivering unprecedented efficiencies and insights for Nawras to harness this transformative power to iterate A simulation of HR and finance functions, bringing cutting-edge AI products designed to change the way businesses work. Embrace the future with Nawras, where innovation meets practicality. 

Comprehensive AI Features Across the Platform Empowering HR and Finance with Cutting-Edge AI

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HR wise

Your go-to virtual assistant for all HR questions, from scheduling to payroll. HR Wise simplifies HR processes, making them more efficient and convenient.


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Improve operational efficiencies with WCOM Pro tools to improve processes, reduce waste, and improve quality. It’s not just software; is your guide to global business excellence.  

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Revolutionize talent acquisition with CVision AI-powered iterative analytics. It streamlines the recruiting process, provides insight into candidates, and ensures a good fit for your organization

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Smart Factory

Use Smart Factory to drive the complexity of digital transformation. This tool provides guidance on smart design, etc., using AI to provide accurate information and solutions.  

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Nawras Aid

Use Nawras Aid to simplify platform navigation, providing instructions and clear feedback to ensure a seamless experience on Nawras platform.

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Enhance your personal leadership with iLead’s personalized exercises and feedback. It is designed to increase confidence, motivation, and productivity, guiding you to success.  

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My Career

Tailored support for new graduates and apprentices in CV writing and job hunting, to help you achieve your career aspirations.  

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Virtual Campus

Provides continuous learning opportunities and enables employees to upgrade their skills at their own pace, thus improving career and career prospects. 

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Get insights

Get insights, analysing data to analyse your database for trends, reports, and more using NLP and machine learning. 

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