Brief description for the module: 

The Development module is designed to facilitate employee growth and career progression by providing tools to create career roadmaps, personal development plans, and manage training programs. This comprehensive learning management solution empowers organizations to nurture employee skills, enhance productivity, and ensure a knowledgeable and skilled workforce for the future. 

Module Features

Career Roadmaps

Schedule Management

Reports & Analytics

Personal Development Plan

Enroll & Assign Learning

Users & Groups Management


Courses & Programs Management

Test & Certificates Management

Added Value for the organization by using this module: 

Fosters employee growth and satisfaction through personalized career roadmaps and development plans.

Enhances workforce skill sets, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. 

Streamlines learning management, making it easier to plan, schedule, and administer training programs.

Informed decision-making through comprehensive training analytics and reporting. 

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