Brief description for the module: 

The Loss Intelligence module empowers organizations to proactively identify, analyze, and address potential workforce losses, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. With predictive analysis and skill management, this module helps companies minimize the impact of losses on productivity, while addressing training needs and utilizing analytical tools for a more informed decision-making process. 

List of features for the module: 

Sync KPIs Losses

Losses Mapping

Losses Analysis & Prediction

Skills Management

Skills Evaluation & Analysis

Training needs

Analytical Tools

Added Value for the organization by using this module: 

Proactively identify potential workforce losses, enabling timely interventions and minimizing negative impacts on productivity. 

Utilize advanced predictive analytics to forecast future losses, allowing for better resource allocation and planning. 

Enhance skill management and evaluation, ensuring employees are equipped with the necessary capabilities to excel in their roles. 

Leverage analytical tools for more informed decision-making, leading to overall organizational improvements and a competitive edge. 

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