Brief description for the module: 

The Measurement Zone module offers a suite of assessment tools designed to evaluate various skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits in employees and candidates. This module helps organizations make informed hiring and development decisions by providing insights into individuals’ strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring the right fit for roles and promoting overall workforce excellence. 

List of features for the module: 

HR Maturity Assessment

Personality Test

Skills Assessments

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Aptitude Assessment

Numerical Reasoning

Added Value for the organization by using this module: 

Enhanced hiring and talent selection through comprehensive assessment of candidates’ skills and potential. 

Improved employee development by identifying strengths and areas for improvement, leading to targeted training initiatives. 

Informed decision-making for promotions, role assignments, and workforce planning.

Promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement by facilitating regular skill and aptitude assessments. 

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