In the dynamic landscape of business, governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) play pivotal roles. Nawras GRC emerges as a cloud-based, unified platform designed to revolutionize audit functions, risk management, and corporate governance. Tailored for industries ranging from logistics and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and beyond, Nawras GRC ensures your operations adhere to regulations and international standards effortlessly.

Nawras GRC is not just another tool, it’s a comprehensive solution crafted to bridge the gap in the market with a disciplined, simple, and systematic approach. It evaluates and improves the effectiveness of business management, communication, corporate control, and governance processes to meet and exceed business objectives.

Core Features  

External and Internal Audits: With a single unified platform, Nawras GRC enhances documentation, manages audit workings and papers, and maps financial statements to comply with international standards, thus saving time, cost, and effort while providing accurate and reliable information.
Board Management System: Optimizing efficiency for board and executive meetings, Nawras GRC facilitates real-time collaboration, electronic voting, and secure access to meeting materials, empowering your team to make critical decisions confidently, anywhere.
KPIs Dashboards: Our advanced business intelligence solutions empower your decision-making with simple metric-tracking tools, uniting data sources for a comprehensive overview of business performance against set KPIs.

What Sets Nawras GRC Apart?  

Nawras GRC integrates seamlessly with every department’s system, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. By providing instant reports, graphs, and recommendations, it tailors its features to each industry for the betterment of your entity. Its standout benefits include:
Automation that significantly reduces human errors.
Strengthened internal controls and reduced risk.
Improved efficiency, security, integrity, and compliance.
Enhanced credibility of the company and its financial reports.

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