Brief description for the module: 

The Performance Management module enables organizations to effectively monitor and manage employee performance by offering tools for appraisals, objectives and competencies tracking, continuous feedback, and performance analysis. This module ensures that organizations can identify training needs and implement improvement strategies, helping employees reach their full potential and aligning their goals with the company’s vision. 

List of features for the module:

Employees Appraisals

Employees' Objectives & Competencies

Continues Feedback

360 Assessment

Performance Curve

Reports & Analytics

9 Box Grid

Training Needs

Front-End Analysis

Added Value for the organization by using this module:

Improved employee performance through regular appraisals and feedback, resulting in increased productivity

Enhanced strategic alignment by setting employee objectives and competencies in line with organizational goals.

Better workforce development and talent retention by identifying and addressing training needs. 

Informed decision-making through comprehensive performance analytics and reporting.

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