Brief description for the module: 

The Succession Management module enables organizations to plan for the future by identifying critical roles, automating successor identification, and analyzing succession plans. This module helps organizations ensure a strong talent pipeline and workforce continuity by offering tools for development planning, career roadmaps, and talent profiling, fostering a proactive approach to talent management. 

List of features for the module: 

Critical Jobs

Talent Profile

Succession Plan Analysis

Development Plan

Talent House

Automate Successors Identification

Workforce Planning

Reports & Analytics

Career Roadmaps

Professional Credits Management

Added Value for the organization by using this module: 

Ensures organizational continuity and stability through effective succession planning and talent pipeline management.

Fosters proactive talent development, ensuring a skilled and ready workforce for the future. 

Streamlines workforce planning, enabling better resource allocation and strategic decision-making.

Enhanced decision-making through comprehensive succession analytics and reporting.

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